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Pass Through

Series 18
Series 18 Pass Through air locks feature white polypropylene or stainless steel construction.

The Series 18 polypropylene units are constructed of 1/2-in. welded white poly. Polypropylene is a solid plastic that contains no particle board and is a superior construction material. Pass thru cabinets made with laminated formica over particle board construction can crack, chip, delaminate, and promote the growth of biological contamination. The Series 18 pass thru air locks use solid polypropylene sheets to prevent this type of deterioration.The stainless steel cabinets are constructed with welded stainless steel shell. They are extremely durable, easily cleaned, and provide a superior look to your cleanroom. The stainless pass thru air locks are all metal except for the viewing window. The air lock doors are made with a heavy-duty stainless steel frame, chrome-plated continuous hinge, Plexiglas viewing window, closed-cell PVC door gasket, and 90 degree turn-knob latch or cam action chrome-plated latch on larger units. The stainless steel door frame design adds strength, prevents long-term warp age, and prevents cracking of the Plexiglas door. (Cracked Plexiglas is a common problem with doors without frames.) Mechanical door interlocks are available to prevent both doors from being opened at the same time. This prevents cleanroom depressurization and infiltration of contamination.

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