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Tokyo Electron Ltd - Austin, Tx
Project: Tokyo Electron Ltd
Location: Austin, Texas
Industry: Clean Room
Application: Metrology Lab
Product(s): Clean Air Products 575 Softwall Cleanroom
General Contractor: Microbinc
Installing Contractor: Express Interiors

Project Documentation:
Gordon Grid Data Center Ceiling System Brochure

Gordon Grid Data Center Ceiling System Details

Customized solutions
Great Results

Microbinc works with Tokyo Electronics, Ltd. to customize existing space for expanding needs

Growing affordably and efficiently can mean doing more with the space you have. When Tokyo Electronics Ltd. (TEL) needed a Level 2 clean room for their metrology lab installed inside of an existing space, Microbinc worked within the constraints to design and execute a plan to provide the perfect solution.

Affordable without compromising performance, portable clean rooms can be a great option to quickly grow capacity. The existing room needed to be retrofit to be as clean as possible before installation of the cleanroom. Older flooring, wall, and piping materials can disintegrate into the surrounding air, compromising filters and reducing efficiency. Microbinc hired the necessary subcontractors to strip old materials from the room, raise the ceiling and coat the interior of the remaining structure with epoxy. To minimize disruption of ongoing processes, soundcurtains were installed to reduce noise bleedthrough. Finally, the cleanroom was fit into the existing infrastructure.

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